More Thingz Be Changing

I'm back from (let's call it) my extra long vacation where I got to figure out what I love & could live without. The results are in and... I can't live without you all! You all gave me the best years of my life & I hope you evolve and join me during my latest ventures. I have been helping out with WKDWARRIOR.COM & we are currently looking to re-brand & re-locate my mobile trailer boutique to Austin! Spread the word & help us set up shop in the city that we love oh so much! Also, I will be debuting my solder skills & hand-made jewelry during SXSW. Let's get this started, because life is too short to spend it not doing what you love or with who you love!


Thingz Be Changing

Obviously I've been on a rather long hiatus. New city, new job, new friends, new dog. I've been distracted figuring out what makes me happy and what does not. I've almost figured it out, until then... you can stay in touch and follow the journey.




Lake Livin'


Pigs On Film

I forget how much fun film cameras are. You never know what you're going to get when you develop them…. SURPRISE! Here is my weekend as captured by a Kodak Film Fun Saver Camera…


Issues of Love

A little late but my good pals were featured in the February issue of my favorite Austin Magazine, Tribeza. Speaking of love, they had a launch party at Nannie Inez in Austin, a simply beautiful store full of quirky knick knacks and home decor… LOVE! They even had a little DIY card making station that I was all about until I saw the free wine. It's the calm before the storm here in Austin and it's all because of SXSW. Since I have a big girl job now, I'm not planning on getting TOO wild… just wild, but I am hoping to have some energy to set up shop at tomorrows market happening at The White Horse. Catch me if you can for $5 sunglasses, $10 vintage goodness and other quirky goods you'll love!