Love is all, love is you

Ooooo doggie! Today was an average day, it is very HOT in McAllen TX. After my classes I hung out with the best diva in town. We went to buy snow cones and hung out at the park where we then attempted to throw a Frisbee around. We failed miserably because it was too windy for our own good! Thanks to all of you who have subscribed at Monikapolitan.com! It was unexpected and makes me extra happy to know that you guys are just as excited as I am. The site is complete! Technically, if I wanted to I could show it off RIGHT NOW, BUT... I'm slapping my wrist and trying to be patient because I still have a lot of products that need to be added in. After the remainder of the products are added in (complete with their images and descriptions,) I will have to go back one by one and count the inventory (in other words type in how many of each product I have in stock at that very moment.) Long story short, it's coming along and coming along nicely for that matter! Thanks for all your patience and understanding, it means a lot :) Some new stock is coming in! You can expect this in April along with the other sneak peak ads you've seen in previous posts....


The Secret Monikapolitan Link

If you go to Monikapolitan.com right now you have the chance to subscribe for the Monikapolitan secret link. This link will be sent to you 1 week before the official launch, which means that you get first dibs on the new look and you get to shop before anyone else does! Hurry because there is a limit. Here are some more promos from the shoot. The first image is similar to one I posted a few posts back, except this one is closer and my hair looks cool...

*EDIT- I know some of you tried to subscribe but my limited space ran out! Sorry bout that, I went ahead and used a differen't program which lets me have a gajillion subscribers! The link now works so if you tried earlier and it didn't work, go now and secure your space! If you used the old one yesterday don't worry, I added you to the new database today ;)


Tweet on my Twit

Just before my coffee break comes this fresh new blog post. Everything is looking great and moving along nicely. I'm not sure if I've said this before but I have moved the launch to April... just seems more convenient & worth the wait. I am still in the process of adding all the products to the new store (which is very time consuming and boring.) Today I signed up for Twitpics, this only means that I can take pictures from my phone and send them to my TWITTER. I updated a few trial runs today during and after class that you can check out and make fun of. Here's part 8 of your sneak peak. I will be releasing new pictures from the promo shoot every other day or so. Hope you enjoy.....


Behind my scene

I am home from my week and a half long spring break vacation. Wednesday I got really sicky poo (probably from being in a bathing suit & bare-footed all day & night.) Luckily, my friend JP kindly made me chicken noodle soup & fed me my medicines with juices. Gabriel was also there to put a nice ice cold towel on my head when I got a fever. I stuck it out for the week & made some good memories while doing so. Seeing The Twelves and dancing uncontrollably was probably one of the best amongst others...

We discovered this great funky/hip-hop band, so great i danced on stage with them.


Kanye showed up at Complete Clothing. But I like their bathroom better.

Checking myself in the mirror.
Complete Clothing Party Day #2


HEB had the sweetest staches in their quarter machines.

Creekside is probably one of my favorite places downtown Austin.

The NEW Monikapolitan online store design was completed during my vacation... simple, sexy & even cuter than I imagined. Patience is not on my side, I want to scream and expose the new site for all of you to see already! The launch is happening this April, no doubt. For giggles Gabriel and I made some funny flyers for you all to put as your desktop background or print out and throw darts at. If you have a sense of humor & aren't easily offended you may click here, right click the image and "save as desktop background." Andy Pandy was kind enough to snap some "behind the scene" action pictures during the promo shoot that took place in Austin. Some of the pictures came out too dark but the mysterious lighting grew on me....


Work and play.

The cold weather has passed and all I got out of it was a cold & very stuffy nose. Monday the weather was perfect so we went to American Apparel and bought some Spring Break attire like bathing suits and tiny shorts. We played football, soccer and Frisbee in the backyard. Once the sun came down we got to work and had a Monikapolitan photo shoot, below is a peak at what you can expect. GabrielCastle killed in less than an hour & I couldn't ask for anything greater. Tuesday we were blessed with more beautiful weather & beautiful weather always calls for some quality time on Lake Travis. We rented a boat and did our thing...

Monday [Monikapolitan photo shoot]

Gold trim Girls Sunglasses.


Clear Lense Wayfarers.

Wayfarers and Aviators.

Large Wayfarers & Clear Lense Wayfarers.

Animal Print Trim Wayfarers.

Heart Shutter Shades & Aviators.

Tuesday [Lake Travis]


I'm like a Marshmellow.

While we wait for Alex's 21'st birthday happening at midnight I have taken my Economics Test, bought some cute birthday supplies & bothered everyone that is trying to take a nap. Mission accomplished. The past few days have been memorable and times I will never forget... just what I needed at times like these. Here is what you missed...


A Monikapolitan promo shoot teaser. Model: Charlie

Looking for marshmellows, graham crackers and Hershey's. New Jacket ;)

I learned how to do the sea walk so i do it every chance I get now. The fire is started.

Campfires, smores, good company....

And make believe songs.


No diggidy

Besides the crappy cold/rainy weather, nothing seems out of the ordinary here in Austin TX. Dinner and a couple of drinks at Cheddar's and then a small gathering at Gabriel's. So far Austin is treating me well... i even got to wear my bunny ears to lunch today and no one looked at me funny...

I used to collect pencils.

Steve showing off his skills. He's single.

Gabriels alter ego.


My contacts always get dry.

Charlie is the only one who wanted my bunny ears.

He's single too.

Super Single.

I knew i shouldn't have bought that carrot bat.


Steve and dee.

I only drink wine out of plastic cups...sup.


Charlie wanted to swallow a penny.

So we tried to stop him.

He didn't listen.

Booger beanz.